Congratulations! You’ve survived the home selling process. Your property has been successfully placed on the market, sold, and you’re ready to finalize the sale just as soon as your home passes the dreaded inspection. Well, fear not, home inspections don’t have to be a drag if you prepare properly. Let’s review our Top 11 Tips for Preparing your Home for Inspection.

Keep Your Home Clean

Sounds simple right? Keeping your property spick and span is a must throughout your home selling process, but especially when it’s time to pass inspection. This is more about preventing dirt and grime from building up and keeping a presentable space.

Check The Toilets

Toilet function is vital. Your inspector will always check the functionality of bathroom equipment so make sure it’s working. These are easy repairs to order so hire a plumber to help you today!

Clear Shrubbery

Get rid of unwanted brush, weeds, and other objects from in front of your house. Keep your home clean and clear, both inside and outside.

Keep Pilot Lights On

Make sure your pilot lights are working and turn them on for your inspector’s visit. Most people keep them turned off in warmer months, so just try to remember that you need to switch them on when your inspector comes by.

Check Door Functionality

Really basic stuff, but just make sure that your doors are attached properly in their frames and are opening and closing with ease. If there are any issues, get them fixed immediately.

Call an Exterminator

When selling your home in the spring or summer, bugs can become a problem. Tackle them with help from a professional exterminator prior to your home inspection, especially if you’ve been dealing with extra hazardous insects like wasps. Tear down those nests with ease.

Properly Labeled Fuse Box

Take a quick glance at your fuse box to ensure everything is correctly labeled. Replace any labels that are missing.

Check your Roof

It doesn’t hurt to grab a ladder and perform a check of your roof. You’ll especially want to remove clusters of leaves and moss that can accrue.

Water Damage

One of the biggest items a home inspector will check for is whether there’s any water damage. Check under your sinks as well as underneath appliances that may be experiencing leakage. If there are signs of water pooling or worst of all, mold from past water damage, call a professional.

Replace the Furnace Return Filter

Preserve the air quality of your home and overall functionality of your heating system by replacing the filter. Showing your inspectors that you have paid attention to this detail will impress them and improve your home’s chances of passing.

Inspection Day

When the day of the inspection finally arrives, perform a last walk through and make sure everything is clean, lights are turned on, and the property is looking its absolute best. Be prepared to step away for a couple hours while the inspector looks through your home, and most importantly breathe.

Looking to Avoid This Process?

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